concert backgrounds
concert backgrounds


concert backgrounds

concert backgrounds are backgrounds designed to be used with your NLE, compositor, or live chromakeyer. concert backgrounds are images created in a 2D or 3D program with multiple angles giving you the ability to create multicamera concert backgrounds. The advantage of concert backgrounds is that they allow the user to shoot their talent on a blue or green screen and then insert whatever background they want, without having the talent or the production crew actually go to the location, or have the location even be real for that matter. Using concert backgrounds is a cost effective means of shooting all kinds of video productions, using concert backgrounds means you can shoot in a studio without having to worry about travel and ambient scene problems like wind or location fees and expound upon the virtues of a controlled studio environment. Another advantage of concert backgrounds is that you can change your mind about the background after the footage is shot, concert backgrounds let you pick your framing and even your background long after the footage is shot.

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